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Increase Your Construction Project Margins

The first streamlined construction procurement tool designed by contractors, for contractors. Manage procurements with ease.

The #1 Procurement Platform

Briden, built by contractors for contractors, is the unified solution for procurements. It simplifies complex processes, enhances collaboration, ensures CCI compliance, and lowers procurement failures, ultimately boosting project margins.

With Briden, connect with procurement participants at a click, effortlessly manage work packages and bid requests, and automate the dispatch of essential documents. Briden is the gateway to a new era of efficiency and simplicity in construction project management.

How Briden Works

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Describe or import procurement plan

Detail your construction project's scope with precision. A clear and specific procurement plan helps prevent future miscommunications.

2. Send inquiries, compare offers

Generate price requests for work sections and forward to subcontractors. Offers made on Briden enable effortless comparison later.

3. Match with best subcontractors

Identify contractors , crafting the optimum team. Clear and concise offers make pricing and timeline predictions more accurate, reducing the likelihood of future disputes.

Briden top features

Project Planning

Define work packages as labor & materials or import existing project plan. Manage budget, effectively keeping your costs in check.

Manage Docs

Manage files & documents keeping all your data structured. Send emails & invitations from Briden, improving your communication efficiency.

Manage Procurement

Publish bid requests with a click and invite contractors directly or from our marketplace. Receiving comparable offers.

Project Collaboration

Invite participants & manage  access to specific bids. Announce procurement winners and dispatch necessary documents automatically.

CCI Compliance

With Briden, your project is CCI compliant. We support CCI mapping for all work and materials.

Project Landingpage

Publish a landingpage for your project and share to the outside world. All with a click.

Get a Demo

Request a Demo

Schedule a demo with one of our product consultants.


Our Clients Say

"When we receive high-quality price offers that are comparable on a uniform basis, the choice of partner is also very fast."

Reimo Ehrstein (AS YIT Eesti)


Partners & supporters

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About CCI.

Briden upholds industry standards with CCI mapping for all work and materials, simplifying project management, procurement, and compliance. CCI, the Construction Classification Information, is a critical element for modern construction project management. Here is why.


CCI provides a standardized classification and coding structure for construction work, which facilitates communication and understanding between different parties involved in a project. It enables everyone to be on the same page when talking about particular parts of the project.

Estimation & Costing

CCI helps in estimating and controlling costs more accurately by breaking down a construction project into detailed, classifiable elements. By categorizing work and materials according to CCI standards, project managers can better track costs, manage budgets, and evaluate bids from contractors.

Procurement & Tendering

The use of a standardized coding structure like CCI simplifies the procurement and tendering process. It allows for more straightforward comparison of bids, as each bid will break down costs and resources in the same way.

Project Management

CCI provides a clear, organized structure for planning and tracking a project's progress. It helps to define the scope of the project, schedule work, allocate resources, and monitor progress accurately.

Regulatory Compliance

In some regions or for certain types of projects, using a recognized classification system like CCI might be a regulatory requirement.

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